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Hand Care

Healthy looking hands and feet say a lot about you; they show that maintaining good health is an important part of your life.

Foot Care

Nail care for both hands and feet through proper clipping, filing, and soaking can make a tremendous difference in reducing the incidence of hand and foot problems.

Dipping Powder

Also commonly referred to as SNS nails, the dip powder nail technique involves dipping the nail into colored powder, then using a clear sealant on top.


Laser hair removal technology utilises light to disable the cells within the hair follicle and stop the hair from growing back.

We hope that your visit will be a relaxing and wonderful experience. Please do not hesitate to share your opinions with the salon manager so that your next visit at Citi Nails will be an even better experience.

To pamper our clients with care and attention.

To bring our clients the highest level of professional services in a sanitary environment.

To provide a relaxing and elegant ambiance along with absolute quality at affordable prices.

To promote cleanliness through the use of disposable foot tub liners and pedicure tools.

To deliver high quality services together as a team.

Citi Nails

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